Forest restoration and protection on
Bluff Hill and Bluff Harbour environments


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Bluff Hill + 24 hours of Running = A Great Cause!

What will you be doing this Oyster Festival? Matt and his crew will be doing something amazing on Bluff Hill! Please show your support for a great cause and a great bunch of people who want to make change in their community!

Over the Oyster festival weekend between 1200hr 25th May 2019 through to 1200hrs on the 26th May 2019 pop up and lend some support to the team who will be continuously running Bluff Hill. A few words from Matt and the team;

Running up and down and around Bluff Hill/Motupohue raising money for two great causes: The Bluff Hill Motupohue Environment Trust (BHMET) and the Mental Health Foundation (MHF)

Bluff Hill/Motupohue with its steep tracks, unending views, tall forest, and wind-swept, salt-sprayed, coastal scrub sheltering Bluff Harbour from a wild sea. Always changing and always a challenge.

For the last decade, the BHMET has been doing a massive amount of work to make Bluff Hill/Motupohue a safe place for native flora and fauna to thrive - maintaining trap-lines & tracks, monitoring, plantings, paperwork. All done by volunteers.

Let’s take this opportunity to say thank you for their efforts.

In 2015, Mal Law raised over $500,000 for the Mental Health Foundation with an attempt to run 50 marathons over 50 mountains in 50 days. His was an ambitious goal. But he did not do it alone. Many, many people aided him in the fundraising, and in doing so, extended themselves and learned something of themselves in the process.

Now, in 2019, he is fundraising for the Mental Health Foundation again, attempting to scale 1,000,000 ft over the course of the year.

The MHF’s vision is “for a society where all people flourish.” Their work includes the Five Ways to Well-being, Suicide Prevention, and Mindfulness, along with advocacy and policy, all of which positively affect those experiencing mental health issues, their friends and whanau, health professionals, and society as a whole. Our nation is better for their continued presence.

The idea of running up and down Bluff Hill was inspired by Mal Law’s efforts and a desire to honour the good work of the Mental Health Foundation. “