Forest restoration and protection on
Bluff Hill and Bluff Harbour environments


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How you can help

Volunteer — Research Studies — Donate. Those are the ways you can help us. Just contact us and start a dialogue.


It's a family affair. Brian Sheppard (cleaning bait station), with son Allister and grandson Gabriel, working Line N.It’s a family affair. Brian Sheppard (cleaning bait station), with son Allister and grandson Gabriel, working Line N.We rely 100% on volunteers to run the Trust and its projects.

  • Work control lines. Clearing, rebaiting, cleaning out traps and stations. Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly. Takes 2-4 hours depending on the control line. On your first day out, an experienced line worker will train you on your line. We provide basic tools and equipment. Exercise, fresh air and bird songs. Satisfaction in finding pests in our traps. Be a solo worker or put a team together who alternate work periods. Fitness level: moderate to high.
  • Clear overgrown vegetation and fallen debris from control lines. There’s no regular schedule. Takes 2 or more hours depending on the control line. Plenty of exercise, fresh air and bird songs. You’ll need to supply your own chain saw; we supply hand tools and a track guide. Fitness level: moderate to high.
  • Take on a role within the Trust. Just get in touch and we can discuss your talents and how they can fit into our roles. Examples include volunteer coordinator, event planner/coordinator, special projects manager, newsletter editor, writer, statistics analyser.
  • Research a topic important to us and gather articles and other information and/or provide an annotated summary of your findings. Contact us for a list of research topics.
  • Become a Trustee. There are 7 positions allowed on the Board of Trustees. The Board is the governing body of the Trust. A Trusteeship lasts for one year and is renewed each year at our Annual Governing and Planning Meeting. To become a Trustee you must qualify according to the guidelines set forth by the Charities Commission then interview with and be unanimously voted in by the current Trustees. Get in touch and, if a Trustee position is open, we’ll set up an interview.

Research Studies

We welcome individuals, students, groups and organisations to conduct conservation research studies on Bluff Hill. We’ll work with you in any way we can to make your research study successful. All we ask is that you share your results with us and leave the Hill’s environment as you found it (in other words, please clean up after and remove any supplies or equipment). Our volunteers have a thorough knowledge of the Bluff Hill environment and can act as guides to the area. If your study is closely aligned with our work, the Trust would consider providing supplies or financial assistance. Contact us with a proposal about your research study.


The Trust has donee status so all donations are tax deductible.